Monday, December 7, 2009


Before out first Throwdown, our famly is participating in Advent. I did this growing up, especially being from the Episcopal church, we did this every Christmas. Since going non-denominational, I have not done it since I was little. So I brought it back with some fun this year!

My kids love it! It hasn't been as enlightning as I want it to be, but so far it hasn't been too bad. 3 boys and candles and get tricky but it has been fine so far. Last night my boys read the scripture in Phillipians 2 about Christ coming down in the form of a slave...this was probably the first Hymn the early church sang. It also deals with the incarnation. This time of year, as we all know, is about ME!!! Christmas presents and the whole thing! Paul says, "Have the same attitude as Christ did..." He emptied himself. I wanted to approach this Christmas, as best I could, from the same foundation as Christ laid...not me first!
So after the lesson, we prayed and then played! I made up a game called ADVENTure! I hide clues about advent all around the house and the boys find them, then find me for a little treat. THEY LOVE IT...probably more than Advent. Sam HAD to be the FIRST person to read the FIRST clue. I said, "Is this the same attitude Christ had?" I know...I'm cheezy. But he relented, and gave the first clue to Lake...joyfully. Little victory in Advent!

Hopefully your advent is a full of "ure"!!!