Monday, January 18, 2010

Missing Throwdown...

I was sick last I sat my butt down on the couch and watched bad NFL playoff games, the Tennessee/Kansas game, and Gladiator. I love the "previous" button on the remote!

We are putting my boys down for bed and they looked at me and said, "We missed Throwdown!" Even though I made them do it two weeks ago when they were sick, I was a loser and wimped out. Even though I felt bad, I was really excited that they missed doing it. Maybe we are doing something right?
We have had two throwdowns since my last post. We have covered the parable of the mustard seed, being the smallest seed, but growing to be one of the biggest plants in the garden...and the birds of the fields come and build their nests in it. Steph asked them what are some small things they can do at school,home,church to advance the Kingdom of God? My boys came up with great answers. Everything from talking to people at school about Jesus, going on mission trips,obeying Mom and Dad, to going around the neighborhood and asking people about Jesus...that one got me scared. Then Sam spoke up and said mockingly, "Watch the God Channel!" We all started laughing. He gets that from his mother! Again, I incorporate wrestling moves or "fighting moves" into these times to help them remember the parables. This certain Throwdown was the Darth Vader pinch. All he would do is squeeze his fingers together and people would choke. Something so small...yet effective. I know, maybe not the best reference, but hey...they remember!!!
Yesterday we spoke about the houses being built on a shaky foundation or the Rock. It is so much fun watching them get excited. They get in competition on giving me answers...high fives for corrct answers! They love it. This wrestling move was the "noogy"! The deeper it goes, the more it works. So we spoke about going deep with Christ. They actually convict me with some of the answers they come up with. I am starting to see that the more we as families pray and study together...the strength of the Lord comes in! Isn't it funny that God told Abraham, the father of many nations, that all the families of the earth would be blessed through him...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Throwdown Time!

We had our first Throwdown last week. We fought fitting! Lake was sick with a 103 degree fever. Sam was sick also. But I thought we could do this another time or...if kids can play video games and be sick, surely we can have a bible study!

Since we are going through the Parables of Christ, we had to start with the parable that is the foundation of all others. The "wrestling ring", if you will is the Parable of the Sower. So our family spoke about the state of our hearts...what kind of soil does God find? The boys did pretty good, but I think we need to work on our listening skills...which brings us to the next phase of the Throwdown!

In every Throwdown we learn a "Wrestling Move". This week we learned the "ear-grab". Jesus said, "For them who have ears to hear..." If your mama ever grabbed your ear...she could make you do anything! If Jesus had our ears...He could make us do anything! The boys liked this...I'm just waiting for one to actually perform this move on their fellow siblings-cousins!

I think it is interesting how we go to church and come away saying..."Wow, that speaker was/wasn't annointed!" It is amazing how Jesus put the responsibility on the hearer...not the preacher! Yes, we need annointing...but for them who have ears to hear, let them hear!

Anyways...our next throwdown is this weekend. I have to prepare the next "move". But if my boys, or me for that matter, can master the "ear-grab"...we will be changing the world!