Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Bat Phone....

I was in the car with my boys the other day and we were talking about the Great Commission. I told them where it was at in the Bible. I told them the scripture. We spoke about it a little. I asked them, "Do you know who spoke the Great Commission"? Wesley said, "The Commissioner?"

I had to laugh. Images of Neil Hamilton, Commissioner Gordon in the '60's Batman & Robin, came running into my mind. Also, how stupid that show was...and awesome at the same time! All the "Bamms, Booms, Oww's" are hillarious! But the image above all images to me...besides Ceaser Romero scaring the crap out of the Red Bat Phone!

Maybe we need a call from the Great Commissioner today. What would the phone call be like? What important message would be on the other end of the line? Probably a message we ignored the first time we picked up the phone! "Ouch, Bam, Boom!!!"

Maybe it is a call from Japan...not to send a check, but maybe to go! Just like Keith Green once said, "God can't cash out of state checks in Heaven!" We can never ignore the "Go" in the Great Commission. Japan needs us. At the end of WWII, Macarthur asked for 1,000 missionaires. We sent business men instead. Just be praying...maybe God is calling you and me to go! In the middle of destruction...God wants us to go!

Maybe he is just calling us to go across the street! I know we have heard this 1,000 times...but one response to "Go" is all it takes. I am pledging to pick up the phone this week...GO!!!!

While we can't ignore the "GO" we really can't ignore the "LO" of the Great Commission! "Lo, I am with you until the end of the Age". Without the faith in the "LO", the "GO" means nothing. The "Lo" gives us the confidence that Jesus is not only giving the orders but is leading the way. His presence changes everything! It is the difference between night and day...Hot and cold...the Joker and Batman! I pray not only for us to be "Goers" this week...but to be "Loers" as well.

So when the phone glows Red this week...pick it up in confidence that The Great Commissioner is sending us on a mission...and the irony of it all is that he is calling from the place we need to go...He is already there!


Donna said...

Holy Cow Batman! You really hit the mark with this one!
I haven't thought of Keith Green in ages...thanks for the reminder. I used to listen to his music all the time - it had a way of reminding me of the Great Commission like none other.
Wonder where I'll be told to "Go" when I answer the phone?

Goodnewsgang said...

Thanks for the props...maybe he will say come to TN!

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