Sunday, January 30, 2011

"I didn't give you that to wear!"

We had our Throwdown at dinner tonight and I am always amazed what comes out of my kids mouths. Some good...some bad! Not only do we discuss the Kingdom of God but my boys like to say the word "poop". If you have boys, I think you understand. I don't have I don't know if they are just as fascinated with the word.
Isn't it amazing how God chose to relay the wisdom of the Kingdom through simple stories! I love discussing the Kingdom with my children. Tonight we discussed the parable of the Wedding Feast. This is one of my favorite parables because of it's evangelistic bent. There is so much in this parable but the part that got a hold of me is the part where God casts out the gentleman at the wedding feast because he didn't have the proper wedding attire on. Now, a little background here...When there was a wedding, the father of the groom would send wedding clothes, possibly a sash, for those invited...A Gift! So when all came, they would be wearing the proper wedding clothes. I asked my boys, "Why did the man get kicked out of the Wedding Feast?" Sam, never short of creative statements said," Hey, I didn't send you that to wear!" saying it like what the man wore was out of style!
It made me think though...sometimes we wear the wrong things in the Kingdom. God gives us proper clothes to wear...but we refuse to wear his righteousness! I like the idea that Christ lays out here. Righteousness is something we put on....not attain!
One more thing. Lake asks tonight,"Why would God invite the good people and the bad people?" It's great to know that when we finally sit down at that feast our identity is not what we were...but what we wear...His Righteousness!


Donna said...

This puts a whole new perspective on "what not to wear". Love hearing about your family "throw downs." Keep 'em coming!

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